Joseph L. Harris, Sr. (ghandiavelli) wrote in columbus_photo,
Joseph L. Harris, Sr.

(2009-05-16) Southern Ohio 2009

(2009-05-16) Southern Ohio 2009 - 0270_2_4_6_8 (2009-05-16) Southern Ohio 2009 - 0360_2_4_6_8

Three friends and I road-tripped from Columbus to Portsmouth, then Ironton and back. I shot an abandoned coke plant (not the soda) in Portsmouth. I'm intending to go again, and find more abandoned Rust Belt facilities along the river.

View the reset of the set.

Yes, it's HDR.

I prefer Surreal or Metareal rather than "Fake."

No, you don't need a special camera. Any camera that can do a manual exposure + Photomatix

I'm working with a videographer on a tutorial video all about my entire process. Hopefully we'll have it done in the next month or so, at which time I'll provide a link with the new images from the video. :)
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