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Columbus Photo

Columbus Photography
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This community is for photographers to post their pictures of Columbus, Ohio and discuss photography stuff with their fellow Columbusites, Columbusians, whatever we're called. Feel free to post about shows, contests, stuff for sale, workshops, classes, anything photography related that is connected to Columbus.

I don't think a lot of rules are necessary but I feel it's good to have a couple posting guidelines.

For photo posts, pictures outside of a cut should be no bigger than 640 pixels on the longest side. Any more than two photos should be behind a cut. Photo posts should be photos taken in the Central Ohio area or at least by Central Ohio photographers.

Keep your posts and comments respectful of others. Profanity is ok. No trolls and no flame wars.

All levels of photographer are welcome, from people who are forever snapping away at things with disposable cameras, to students studying photography to pros. Digital or Film, Lens, Pinhole or Zone Plate. Even Lomographers are welcome! :)


Pinhole Photography

Columbus Camera Stores:
Midwest Photo Exchange in Clintonville at High St. & Longview
Columbus Camera Group in North Campus at East & Blake

Capital Photo downtown on Gay St.
Slide Service International on Spring St.