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Greek Festival 2009

(2009-09-07) Greek Festival - 0023

The Greek Festival at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Columbus is one of my favorite festivals to attend. The weather is usually great, they have a huge space for performances, the Cathedral s gorgeous, and last but not least, all the food. This year, I was only free to attend on Monday, and Monday morning it was raining. called for rain all day, but NBCi said it would clear up in the afternoon.

I headed down around 1PM and I am so glad that I did. When I got there, I had some Greek coffee (which, as far as I can tell, is exactly the same as Turkish coffee, but sold by Greeks) and loukoumades, crispy, warm Greek donut holes covered in honey and nuts. The two things at the Greek Festival that I go to shoot are the Cathedral and the dancers, so I alternated between them. Orthodox churches tend to be much more ornate than Western churches, with beautiful mosaics, icons and lots of gold. I love the candles in the narthex, the entrance to the church. Orthodox people light long, thin candles and stick them in the sand before entering the church Outside, they had three groups of dancers: the elementary school kids, middle school and ZOEE, high school & adults. Despite the generally flat, overcast, bland sky, I filled 4x4GB cards before I left and I'm reasonably happy with the images I came away with.

(2009-09-07) Greek Festival - 0719

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